Legal translation is owned by LINGUAVOX, a translation company specialised in legal, economics and financial translations. Our translators and revisers are well versed in the disciplines of Law, the Economy and Finance and can offer translations of the highest quality in over 80 languages. Our priority is to offer our clients a quality service. Good proof of this lies in our ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management system and our translation service in accordance with EN-15038:20006, the European standard specifically for translation service providers, which lays down the professional qualifications for translators and revisers and demands that all translations are exhaustively reviewed by a third party.

We will explain how we work with an example. If you entrust us with a legal translation from English to Spanish, one of our coordinators will allocate it to a legal translator with a degree in Translation or Law, with demonstrable knowledge in the subject area of the Law and English legislation (American, Anglo Saxon, etc) and Spanish. Later, the translation will be thoroughly reviewed by a reviser with similar professional training to the translator and with at least two years proven experience as a translator specialised in legal documents. Finally, the reviewed translation will be subject to final internal quality control before delivery to the client. And, if the client so wishes, we can also offer a sworn, official and certified translation service in Spain and other countries. In the above example, if you request it, we could deliver a sworn translation of the document to you with a stamp and signature from a sworn translator accredited by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. And, of course, we guarantee maximum confidentiality at all times, including with documents you entrust to us at the time of preparing the quote.